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Key Attractions To See When You Tour St. Thomas

by Eli Lambert

If you're visiting the island of St. Thomas, then you'll probably want to take a tour or two while you are there. Tours are a good way to venture off the beaten path a little and see sights you might not otherwise see on your own. But what sights might you want to see on your tour? Here are some key ones.

St. Peter Mountain

St. Peter Mountain is one of the tallest mountains on the island, and many tours will take you up it. From the top, you can look down over the whole island, enjoying it from a different perspective. On clear days, you can see many of the other islands in the region, too. There is also a bar at the top of the island, and some tours take a break here around lunchtime so you can sip a cocktail or a beer.

Mangrove Lagoon 

Mangrove trees are a unique species of tree that grows in coastal areas, including along the coast of St. Thomas. The trees send their branches down into the water to "drink" like roots! Because mangroves are so interesting to admire, many tours take a trip to the island's Mangrove Lagoon. The tour guide will likely show you some trees, explain more about their biology, and grant you some awesome photo opportunities.


Skyride is a ride you can take to a high-up observation deck on St. Thomas. The ride takes groups of passengers to the top every several hours. You can sip a cocktail or a soda at the top and look down over the island, enjoying panoramic views.

Fort Christian

Fort Christian is an old, brick structure that was built to protect the island years ago. It is actually the oldest building on any of the Virgin Islands, making it well worth seeing. If you stop here on the tour, your guide will often point out how the sea salt spray has affected the walls over the years.

Phantasea Tropical Botanical Gardens

Tropical plants are so lush, colorful, and unique. Why not make seeing some of them a part of your St. Thomas tour? Phantasea Tropical Gardens is one of the best spots to do so. Many tours spend an hour or two here.

Keep the attractions above in mind as you plan your tour of St. Thomas. There are so many different and interesting things to do on this popular island.

For more information, contact a tour company to learn more about St. Thomas, US Virgin Island tours.