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3 Reasons You Need To Book A Charter Yacht For Your Next Vacation

by Eli Lambert

Dreaming of an idyllic sojourn via water but don't like the idea of vacationing on a crowded, noisy cruise ship? Consider taking a sailing charter instead. You'll experience all the advantages of a traditional cruise without all the drawbacks. Following are three reasons why you should consider booking a sailing charter for your next vacation.

You'll Choose Your Fellow Passengers: One of the primary disadvantages of going on a traditional cruise is that you have no control over who your fellow passengers are. If you opt for a private charter, however, you can choose your shipmates rather than having to simply put up with random passengers. This approach helps reduce the possibility of personality clashes and other problems that may arise when people who don't know each other travel together in close proximity to each other. 

You Can Craft Your Own itinerary: When you sign on for a traditional cruise, you don't get a say in how much time is spent in port cities or other details of the trip. However, with a private charter, you can decide to stay in port for an extra day or two if you find a certain location particularly appealing. You can also work with the charter company to craft your own custom itinerary based on the personal needs and preferences of you and your fellow passengers. Private charters also provide guests with the opportunity to help devise their own menus for the duration of the trip. On traditional cruises, you're pretty much stuck with preplanned menus but charters offer much more flexibility concerning food and beverage service. For instance, if you and your traveling companions are fine wine aficionados, you can request that certain types of wine be served -- or, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you can specify that no meat or animal products are to be served. 

You Can Sail Off of the Beaten Path: Face it -- large cruise ships can't access anything that doesn't involve deep water. Small yacht charters can fit into places such as Alaska's Glacier Bay that people on large cruise ships don't have a chance of seeing. You can also visit a wide variety of ports rather than having to stick to the ones that offer deep water ports -- and if you happen to come across a particularly lovely bay or inlet, you can always opt to drop anchor there. Please call or email us at your convenience if we may be of further assistance on your quest to craft a fabulous vacation.