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Preparing for Your Trip to Peru

by Eli Lambert

Are you planning to take a tour of Peru for your next vacation? If so, you might be wondering what you need to do to prepare for your trip. After all, Peru is a country that has a lot to offer, and you probably want to make the most of your trip. So, before you confirm your travel plans and purchase a luxury tour of Peru, learn what you need to do to make sure you're prepared for your trip.

Entry Requirements

The last thing you want is to arrive in Peru only to be denied access. Fortunately, Peru's entry requirements are pretty easy to fulfill. You need to make sure you have a valid passport and that your passport isn't due to expire before you leave Peru. Additionally, travelers are required to have a visa to enter Peru. However, the visa is free and obtained upon arrival in the country. While there aren't vaccine requirements that you need to meet before taking a tour of Peru, it is recommended that you get a vaccination for yellow fever. Additionally, it's always a good idea to make sure your booster shots are up to date before traveling to other countries.

Money Matters

Sorting out money problems in another country can be a real hassle, so you need to take care of any money matters before your trip. It's extremely important that you contact the banks that issued any of the credit cards you plan to use on your trip to let them know that you're taking a tour in Peru. If you don't do this, and you use your card to make a purchase or withdraw money from an ATM, your transaction could be automatically flagged as fraudulent. If the card is automatically cancelled, you could be left without access to the money you need during your trip. You should also consider granting a family member or trusted friend access to your bank account while you're in Peru — some banks will allow you to name a power of attorney for your accounts. This way, if a problem arises, you have someone who can sort the situation out quickly and get you the money that you need.

Additionally, there's a good chance you'll need to use cash while you're in Peru. It's common for Peruvian businesses to refuse payment via credit or debit card without displaying a "Cash Only" sign. So, make sure you carry cash with you at all times, ideally money in smaller denominations so that it's easy for merchants to make change. You can exchange your money before you leave or once you arrive in Peru. However, keeping some US money could come in handy, because Peruvians trust the US dollar. Just make sure you have newer bills, not old, partially torn bills.

Taking a luxury tour of Peru is a great way to unwind. However, if you want to enjoy your adventure without worry, you need to make sure you're completely prepared for the trip. For more tips, talk to a company like Kuoda Personalized Travel.