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Things To Check On Before You Make A Hotel Reservation If Traveling With Kids

by Eli Lambert

When you're planning a family trip during which you'll be staying at a hotel, your kids will be thrilled when they hear the news, as staying at a hotel is an exciting, new adventure for many children. The exercise can be fun for you, too, but you'll feel better if you take the time to check on a few things in advance of making your reservation. You can typically find the necessary information by perusing the hotel's website, but there's no harm in calling the front desk to obtain these details, either. Here are some things to check that will improve the quality of your stay.

Availability Of Cots

If your family consists of two adults and two children, it might seem logical to opt for a room with two queen-sized beds. However, in some families, it's wishful thinking to expect two children to spend the night in the same bed without incident. If you suspect that your children will fight or otherwise be restless in bed, make sure that the hotel has a cot that can be set up in your room. Whether you get it upon check-in or need it to prevent issues in the middle of the night, the availability of a cot can make the hotel visit more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone.

The Breakfast Situation

When traveling with children, it's ideal to seek out a hotel that offers a complimentary breakfast. Often done in buffet style, having the breakfast included in the cost of your hotel stay can save your family money. Without a complimentary breakfast buffet, you'd be forced to find a restaurant for the first meal of the day — and for a family of four, for example, the bill at even a fast food establishment can be pricey. It's nice to be able to have everyone eat a hearty breakfast that's already included in the cost of the stay.

Attractions For A Rainy Day

If you plan to visit some outdoor attractions when you're in town, it never hurts to have a plan in the case of inclement weather. Many hotels will have a variety of options for families, and it's good to check on these things in advance. Things such as an indoor swimming pool are common, but some hotels will also have an indoor jungle gym-style play area, an arcade room or a place where families can borrow board games to play in their guest room.