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Renting A Luxury Yacht Charter With Your Family? Here Are Some Things To Consider

by Eli Lambert

Renting a luxury yacht charter is typically viewed as something that adults do when they want to get away and head out on the seas. But if you have thought of taking the family out on a cruise, you could instead rent a yacht charter instead. If you do go this route, there are a few things to consider first.

Child-Friendly Yacht

Not all yacht charters are child-friendly and may in fact state they only take adults on sailing tours. There are, however, more charters that are family- and child-friendly and gladly welcome them aboard. When you are checking out several charters, before hiring, speak with the captain and ask them if their crew members like children. There are some charters who only hire crew members who like children because they gear their business toward families. When you get a yacht where the crew members are engaging with the entire family, it will make for a much better experience.

Yacht's Design

One thing to really check over is the actual design of the yacht itself. Not all yacht designs are compatible with children running around on deck. A yacht that was built with families in mind might have baby gates and pocket doors that are easy for kids to open and close and that protect them from open stairways. The layout of the cabins is an important factor to consider, since parents will want their older children close by and large enough rooms to accommodate younger children in the same room as them.

Fun On-board Activities

The range of activities available on board a yacht will vary depending on the ship. Some have arcades filled with the latest games and older classics, board games, and even in-room video games for kids and their parents to enjoy. There is also the possibility that the ship doesn't allow for any type of technology at all. Instead, they offer the best swimming spots at port, snorkelling, and even tube riding. You might find the yacht you choose might have a video or entertainment room filled with kid-friendly movies or in-room hook-ups as well.


While some kids definitely have a taste for the finer foods, most kids enjoy hamburgers or hot dogs for their meal. A family-friendly yacht crew will offer baby food and formula, kid-friendly meals and cater to their parents' tastes too. It may be possible that some chefs on-board the yacht will let the kids come into the kitchen to help prepare the meals they will serve.

Talk with different rental companies, such as Charter Bonaparte, and ask about their family-friendly options.