Choosing The Perfect Travel Destination

Got A Big Family? 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Vacation

by Eli Lambert

When you travel with a big family, the costs can skyrocket quickly. Going to an expensive area like New York or Los Angeles can make that problem even worse. But there are ways to save money and still ensure that your whole brood has a great time. Here are 5 tips for any parent.

Time it Right. Just about any tourist destination has a typical tourist season and one or more "off seasons." Traveling in the off season (or nearby times often called "shoulder seasons") can save you a ton of money. And in some places, like Los Angeles, you may find the weather is even nicer when traveling out of season. Even adjusting your trip to include traveling on or staying overnight during the week rather than on the weekend can make a big difference if you have a lot of people to pay for.

Skip the Hotels. There are a lot of options for lodging today that fit a large family's needs better than a hotel. Staying for a few days or longer? Try a short term apartment rental. These apartments often come with amenities rivaling a regular hotel, but they may sleep more people more comfortably and provide a kitchen in which you can make meals in the morning or evening. If opting for a private apartment, the landlord may also be helpful in setting you up with helpful things like beach accessories, hiking gear, and advice on free things to do in the area.

Use Your Phone. Modern technology can help you save money by staying in touch with your surroundings. In addition to saving time and gas by efficiently getting you where you need to be, you can often use maps or apps that offer money-saving local options for buying gas, eating out, finding groceries, and even finding free things to do with the kids. Ask around on social media for tips and advice, and you may just get some winning suggestions from those who've traveled here before.

Plan in Advance. Rather than winging it for big events, try to purchase some things ahead of time. You can often find better discounts for advance purchase or choosing certain days to attend things like museums, theme parks, city passes, or restaurants. Even a small discount can add up quickly.

Check Your Own Benefits. Memberships to many societies or organizations may net you discounts you didn't know about. Be sure to look for discount coupons or codes from places like your roadside assistance or insurance company, your employer, your bank or credit union, and your local museum or zoo. Buying a membership to a cheaper attraction -- such as a local museum -- may come with a significant discount for other reciprocal organizations (like other museums) and make the investment work out wisely.

By doing some digging and thinking outside the box when it comes to timing, lodging, and where to find discounts, you can save big money on your next family trip. And the kids probably won't even know the difference! For more information, contact companies like Corporate Habitat.