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An Event Management Company Can Help You Celebrate Your Business Anniversary

by Eli Lambert

Being able to celebrate the fact that your business has been open for a long period of time is very exciting. If you want to have a large company party to celebrate with your staff and their families, it takes time to properly plan the event. An event management company can make the process a bit easier for you, if you do not have the time to do it on your own. The guide below walks you through a few of the things the management company will need to know in order to plan the perfect event to celebrate your business.

How Many People Do You Plan to Invite?

The first thing you need to consider is how many people you plan to have at the party. The management company needs to know how many people will be attending to ensure that the space they find is large enough to accommodate that number of people and that they are able to get enough chairs and tables for everyone to sit comfortably during the party.

How Far Away Are You Willing to Hold the Party?

The company also needs to know the distance you are willing to travel to the party. Narrowing down how far you are willing to travel ensures that the company knows which areas to look in when searching for the venue for your party. You want to be sure that your staff does not have to travel too far to enjoy themselves.

What Type of Food Do You Want Served?

Next, you need to let the company know if you want to have a buffet at the party or if you would prefer to have plated meals served to everyone. You want to be sure that everyone gets enough to eat during the party and that you accommodate all different eating restrictions that may be at the event. Have vegetarian and low sodium options available for guests that need them.

Would You Prefer a DJ or a Band to Play Music at the Event?

Consider if you want to have a DJ play music or if you would prefer a live band at the party. A DJ will allow you to have more diversity when it comes to the music that is played, which may be the best option if your staff consists of people of different ages and backgrounds.

Once the event company knows all of this information, they can start taking the necessary steps to plan the perfect celebration for your business. You do need to decide how you want to decorate the space as well, to ensure that it creates the party atmosphere you want.