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Gear Checklist For A Multi-Day Cycling Trip Down The New England Section Of The East Coast Greenway

by Eli Lambert

If you're planning on taking a multi-day cycling trip though the New England section of the East Coast Greenway, then you need to make sure your gear is in order. A multi-day trip is a lot more challenging then a regular Sunday ride, so you need to be prepared. You don't want to be 100 miles from home and find yourself without the right supplies. You can't simply walk the bike back to your house. With that said, here is what you will need to get before you hit the road.

Maps and Cue Sheets (Electronic and Paper)

You're going to be traveling down trails that you've never been down before, so you'll need maps. Some of the trails intersect streets and are not clearly marked. You don't want to have to do guesswork while on the trail. This is why maps and cue sheets are vital. You should have a paper backup in case your phones battery dies while on the road. You can download them on the Greenway's official site.

First Aid Kit and Bug Spray

A small first aid kit is vital because you're going to be out there for lots of miles and might need antiseptic and bandages. The tick spray is also important because the New England section will take your through parks and wooded areas where there are ticks. This is not a big problem while you are biking, but as soon as you stop, and should you decide to make camp, you need bug spray to guard yourself from tick bites and potential Lyme disease.

Rain Jacket and Warm Clothes

Even though it's the end of summer, and the temperature will be hot leading into September, it can still get cool at night. This is why you should bring a lightweight but warm cycling jacket. A rain jacket is also useful for when it starts pouring while you're on the road.

Panniers and a Small Tent

You should invest in a set of panniers to make carrying extra clothing easier, plus it will allow you to carry a tent. The tent is great if you're not keen on paying for a hotel every night. There are campgrounds you can locate along the route and you can stay there in your tent.

Tire Repair Tools and Spare Inner Tubes

The New England section of the East Coast Greenway has some amazing off-road trails, as well as really nice paved sections. Your bike will have lots of different types of terrain to ride on. This means potholes (on the asphalt sections) and rocks and ditches (on the off-road sections.) All of this can cause a tire blowout or other problem. To handle these situations you need a tire tool set (levers to remove the tire, wrenches to handle the axle, and hex wrenches to work on the chain and derailleur). Of course, you also need to keep at least one spare inner tube. Finally, a small hand pump that can be attached to the frame of the bike is a necessity.